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I'm a designer & developer who makes the iOS app, Sofa

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I’m Shawn Hickman, a designer and developer who makes Sofa, an iOS app that helps you be more intentional with your downtime. I also have a YouTube channel that documents my process building Sofa. I’m always happy to hear from people, so please reach out and say hello 👋.


Sofa is the iOS app that I design and develop. It’s a simple app intended to help you be more intentional with your downtime. You can create lists of books, movies, shows, video games, and more to enjoy later.

You can check it out here


My YouTube channel is focused on documenting my progress building Sofa. If you’re interesting in something like that, I’d love for you to check it out.

YouTube Channel

About This Site

I view this site as a way to document my work and interests. That’s why you’ll see a mix of my blog posts, photos, work, and more. It’s a fun place for me to experiment with ideas and technology. It’s my “home” on the internet.

Here’s some of the tech and tools behind this site:

  • Astro - Frontend framework for creating this static site.
  • VSCode - Used for writing all the code
  • Warp - I’m experimenting with using this as my terminal. So far, so good.
  • Bear - Where I actually write everything
  • Vercel - Where I host the site

Work Log

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