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Calculating the Total Number of Week Days Between Two Dates in Notion

Posted on:February 10, 2023

Notion is creeping into my life more and more, and one helpful little database I made is to track my PTO and the number of days I’ve taken or plan to take. I know the company tracks this, but checking Notion is much faster for me.

Here’s the formula to use to calculate the number of days off. It accounts for weekends and week days. I got it from this reddit post .

dateBetween(end(prop("Dates")), start(prop("Dates")), "days") + 1 - (dateBetween(end(prop("Dates")), start(prop("Dates")), "weeks") * 2 + min(max(day(prop("Dates")) + dateBetween(end(prop("Dates")), start(prop("Dates")), "days") % 7 - 5, 0), 2))