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A Weekend in Chicago with the Ricoh GR III

Posted on:April 22, 2023

My youngest brother was filming a show in Chicago, so me and my older brother went out to visit him for a long weekend. Since it was only a weekend trip, I wanted to pack light. This meant I would have to be much more intentional with the camera gear I brought.

I had been eyeing a Ricoh GR III for a while now and was able to get one in time for the trip. Besides my iPhone, it’s the only camera I brought with me. I had a lot of fun shooting with it and only missed my Sony A7IV a handful of times.

Philly 🛫 Chicago

Chicago is much closer to Philly than I realized. It only took about two hours from gate to gate. We ended up getting delayed by a few hours so we filled that time with fries and drinks.

I had my first Chicago deep dish pizza and I’m a big fan 🍕

Hanging with my Bros

With my one brother living in LA, we don’t get many opportunities to all hang out. It was nice to have a few unplanned days to walk around, eat, drink, and just hang.

Walking the Streets

Over three days, we walked 20+ miles throughout Chicago and my back/shoulders appreciated how easy it was to carry the Ricoh around.



The Navy Pier was a surprise hit. It was a great place to walk around, eat, drink, and people watch.

Is Roller Blading Back?

I only snapped a few photos, but I saw a lot of people roller blading. I used to roller blade a lot as a kid and have always missed it.